Season 2. Episode 4: Elisabeth on Ivan Turgenev — Tea Toast & Trivia

Welcome to Tea, Toast and Trivia. Thank you for listening in. Elisabeth van der Meer from the extraordinary blog, A Russian Affair, has joined me from the far distance of 7,514 km or 4,669 miles. Yes, I am thrilled to report that once again, we are connecting Finland and Canada via Russian Literature. Elisabeth has […]

via Season 2. Episode 4: Elisabeth on Ivan Turgenev — Tea Toast & Trivia

2 gedachtes over “Season 2. Episode 4: Elisabeth on Ivan Turgenev — Tea Toast & Trivia

  1. Elisabeth you have give life to Russian literature. Frances phoned and said that she enjoyed your podcast and wants you to know that she just finished “Fathers and Sons” I still smile when I think of Turgenev tiptoeing around during the daytime not wanting to wake up Tolstoy after his late night of partying. You made these brilliant Russian writers real to me – flesh and blood, rather than an unknown face on a pedestal. To know that Turgenev’s compassion for serfdom was based on his mother’s tragic behaviour gave me great comfort, because it is a confirmation that we have individual choice and can turn away from status quote thinking. And then the thought that similar ideas germinate, independently, seems almost miraculous. I am looking forward to our next Russian adventure – something about a dual. Have a wonderful day. Thank you for adding excitement and joy to mine. By the way, tomorrow is National Hat Day. I looked up the name for Russian hats: ushanka or ushanka-hat. Love those ear-flaps.


    • Rebecca, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my enthusiasm about Russian literature on your podcasts.
      Your comment about Turgenev’s compassion for serfs arising from witnessing his mother’s bad treatment of serf is spot on.
      Have a wonderful (hat / ushanka) day;-)


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