Season 2 Episode 31: Elisabeth On The Eugene Onegin Challenge — Tea Toast & Trivia

Welcome to Tea, Toast and Trivia. Thank you for listening in. Elisabeth Van Der Meer from the extraordinary blog, A Russian Affair, has once again joined me from Finland, the far distance of 7,514 km from Vancouver. Elisabeth issued “The Eugene Onegin Challenge” which is happening on her blog, A Russian Affair. I have taken […]

via Season 2 Episode 31: Elisabeth On The Eugene Onegin Challenge — Tea Toast & Trivia

3 gedachtes over “Season 2 Episode 31: Elisabeth On The Eugene Onegin Challenge — Tea Toast & Trivia

  1. Thank you, Elisabeth for challenging me to read, Eugene Onegin. It has been an extraordinary journey that has given me insight into Russian literature, something that I always wanted to have. As I wrote to Dave Astor: I confess that I was apprehensive about reading Eugene Onegin. Would I be able to understand the narrative, especially in the form of poetry? Russian literature has always been a mystery to me, with the many unfamiliar names (no Smiths or Jones in Russian Literation) the emotional content and circuitous stories that overlap and intertwine. I think that I was also influenced by the type of analysis that generally goes into the “classics.” Sometimes the story is lost in the analysis. While I know that literary analysis is a wonderful tool, I find that we need a balance. On one hand, the pure enjoyment of reading. On the other hand, a deeper reflection, but one that is driven by curiosity. Elisabeth is masterful in how she brings out the story and then allows for the questions. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Eugene Onegin challenge. Don & I have been listening to the audio version via Audible (James E Falen translation), which has brought out the impact of words. I have come back to fiction because I have found kindred spirits, like you and Elisabeth, that have given me back enjoyment of reading

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